Alan Wake 2 Reveal Trailer | Game Awards 2021

Alan Wake is back. During the 2021 Game Awards revealed a new startling teaser trailer. The game is expected to launch 2023.

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  1. This was my first game that I remember really loving. Following it opened my young mind to great writing. Honestly when I was playing it I felt like it Was wasted on me at a young age. I’m glad I just found out about the first one being remastered and now can’t wait for the second.

  2. They should come up a movie with the same actor or have Jake Gyllenhaal to play as Alan Wake that’s based on the first game

  3. This is going to be good let's hope this ends up leaving into a crossover between Allen and Jesse I know we got that a little bit in the awe DLC but it'll be nice to actually see them in person in the same game

  4. Kind of a letdown once the player understands the whole alan wake deal is just an AWE see: the excellent and (likely) objectively better Control hope this helps have a Blessed weekend and Merry Christmas ?

  5. I loved 1 so much but couldn't afford it and I still don't have it.
    I please ask any one of you for the game if you can give me it as a gift.

  6. FromSoftware are masters of RPG Dark Fantasy and Remedy are masters of Symbolic Survival Horror Games.

    These are known facts and can not be unproven.

  7. I know it’s silly but after playing the remastered version even though I won’t be able to play the sequel since I don’t have a PS5 I just hope they put Barry in the game.

  8. Bruh I've been talking about this game for 10 years and only started playing the first one haha! I'm so excited for Alan Wake 2!

  9. I was a literal child trying to play the first game and wrap my head around the story and now there’s a second one coming… insane

  10. I wonder if any of Alan Wake 1's cut ideas will be salvaged for Alan Wake 2 now that they have ample time and the technology to actually do it this time around?

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