Alan Wake 2 Full Presentation | Game Awards 2021

Alan Wake 2 was revealed during the 2021 Game Awards. Remedy Entertainment’s Sam Lake took the stage to elaborate on Alan Wake’s return, and announce that it will be a full fledged survival horror game.

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  1. Remedy is so legendary. Remedy have always had horror elements with creepy atmosphere in all their games. They added those elements Naturally as none of them were horror games so imagine what they can create when they actually focus on delivering a horror game can't wait this game gonna be crazy

  2. I hate horrors but the first Alan Wake is my absolute favorite game. Been playing and re-playing it every 6 moths or so. Yeah, I have no life but the spookiness and the story and the visuals and the gameplay are just right there in the right mixture.

  3. A no-brainer with how well the Remaster sold. This is what we've waited for boys. I just hope this ties up the story in a nice way and doesn't leave it open for another 10 years. Leave room for a third, but wrap it up guys.

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