19 MORE Things You STILL Didn't Know In Zelda Breath Of The Wild

We keep on truckin’ with more things you still probably don’t know about Breath of the Wild! This time we dive into the history behind the damaged Master Sword, how smuggle a Sand Seal out of the Gerudo Desert, and how to camouflage yourself…

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  1. My cousin said he gets wind waker vibes from this game, as in he thinks it might take place in the same timeline.. I get Dragon ball gt vibes from it. Let me explain, when I was young and dragon ball gt came out I thought it was cool but something felt off about it. Later on after I had already stopped watching it I learned that it wasn't canon and realized that's why I never fully liked that series. I love loz but I don't really like the non canon stuff. Really cool game but it gives me those same non canon vibes.. Just saying!

  2. I'm on the verge of calling BS on the "Slateless Link" for #16. I'm able to perform the "Apparatus Storage Glitch", but can't seem to figure out when you're suppose to do the bullet time load needed to finish the process. I feel frustrated that I can't seem to find the source material for that claim. Can anyone shed some light on this since GameSpot was too lazy in its explanation, or intentionally trolling us?

    EDIT: Finally pulled it off. You have to be very quick about the "Bullet Time Load" or it simply won't work.

  3. Has anybody reported this one yet?? If you have your ancient weapons ready for Guardian-Leg choppin, you can dash attack the Guardians at the bottom of the Maze in the corner of the map and they’ll sometimes or usually recoil backwards and fall through the floor for some reason. It’s pretty funny to see

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