Xbox 20th Anniversary Celebration Livestream

Tune in Nov. 15 at 10am PT for a 20th anniversary celebration of Xbox and Halo.

Xbox has confirmed there will be no announcements of new games and instead will focus on looking back at 20 years of Xbox.

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  1. Just retire the Xbox console como on like last generation you got noting and this one the same playstation fuck you up last gen and this its going the same direction

  2. I met my wife on XBOX Live playing OW, we were homeless during the beginning of this Pandemic and a friend of mine from XBOX Live and OW moved us to Georgia and put us up in an extended stay and gave us jobs to keep us afloat for 6 months. I can't make this shit up. I love Microsoft, ever since I bought that OG XBOX specifically for Rainbow Six 3. Loyal to the grave and have never looked back. Thanks for taking up the banner against the established order. This is one SEGA Fanboy who is still riding this Direct X Box ride!

  3. I'd love if we could actually get some Retro Xbox merchandize for our Consoles and hub. Like imagine how cool it'd be to get an offical Duke Series S/X controller? What if we got a special hud that mimicks that of the original?

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