The Bee That Broke Skyrim

Skyrim’s intro is iconic, but the classic opening-turned-meme almost didn’t happen due to a bug in the game–to be more specific, a bee.

Skyrim’s opening cart scene has become iconic since the game’s release ten years ago, but it nearly didn’t happen due to a bug that derailed the whole…

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  1. Just a shout out to those out there that hate the intro like I do. It's a symbol for the rails you are on the whole game. The way they "fixed" this bug is ridiculous, they didn't actually fix it, like all the other bugs, they just tried to work around it. Actually, they never really fixed anything after release when they had the opportunity too. IT seems they didn't even have the expertise to fix them…

  2. Honestly, I love all of the bugs. Playing it now and running into the glitches is just nostalgic at this point. Brings me back to my younger days. This is hands down top 5 favorite games and I don't see that ever changing.

  3. If you think about it, taking in consideration the properties of the cart (wich cant be stopped) and the bee (wich cant be moved), this skyrim bug actually showed us what happens when a unstoppable object mets a unmovable object. The unstoppable object changes direction. (?)

  4. 2:46 to 4:04 that's the answer.
    I saved you time.
    Collision error
    Ai is separate from item collision
    Think npc vs nordic mead
    The bee flies into cart
    Don't understand?
    Play the game
    Still don't?

    "Is it a glitch… or a feature"

  5. This cart bug is actualy still happening to me :)) Time to time my intro gets the cart dragged around and shaked like theres earthquake or something ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Iโ€™m really not trying to be rude, but why didnโ€™t they just make it a cut screen? Like wouldnโ€™t that solve a lot of the problems?

  7. It would be cool if Bethesda could release the unofficial patch as a legit patch. There are a few things present since skyrim was released that need to be fixed.

  8. personally I think/hope they lean into what makes these games special with 6 the worldbuilding and lore as well as being able to completely break the games morrowind style

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