The 10 Best Pokémon Games

Pokemon is one Nintendo’s most successful franchises. To date, we’ve seen Pokemon Anime, Pokemon Trading Cards, Pokemon merchandise, and more. Not only that – but several Pokemon spin-off games. But, what are the best Pokemon Games? Dave takes a look back at his 10 Best Pokemon Games to…

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  1. I've been playing pokemon unite and i love it but Does anyone here played tales of the world radiant mythology? You have four skills there and you can move your character in every direction you like while dodging and attacking your enemies plus you can make combo while pressing the skills simultaneously. I hope there's a game creator who'll notice that and create a pokemon game based on that gameplay.

  2. I remember playing them with power candy cheats along with master ball cheats. Just catch the legendaries or mythical and power candy em to max level then shred through everything. It was kinda funn

  3. Heartgold and Soulsilver are the best pokemon games we've ever gotten, but it sounds like you're wrapping up the remakes in with the originals? Ruby and Sapphire were always my least favorite pokemon games, but I haven't played Sword and Shield yet.

  4. lol the fact that there's XY, Pokken and Snap in this list, while B2W2, HGSS, Emerald and Platinum aren't lol. Even SwSh is legit so much better than XY.

    + 5:45 umm, red Gyarados?

  5. I haven't played Pokemon for near about 2 years, I have played Fire Red, Emerald,Platinum,Heartgold , Black and Black 2.I want to get back to the franchise and also want something different and exciting .Can anyone please suggest which game should I play

  6. Im trying to become champion in every game exept the really old ones im curently champion in Pokemon X, pokemon sun, Lets go pikachu and pokemon shield im now waiting for my Ultra moon im exited

  7. Pokémon HGSS were the ones that rekindled my love for the series. After playing the originals I missed gen 3 and 4 until those remakes were released. My favorite Pokémon games and some of my general favorite games of all time.

  8. Pokemon S&M or USUM will always be favorite pokemon game ever. As someone who grew up in the Caribbean i could relate to a nice tropical setting like gen 7. Not to mention it holds one of my favorite regional variant Pokemon Sandshrew/Sandslash. Just perfect.

  9. My first Pokémon game was Pokémon Crystal and it was awesome and for me it’s the top Pokémon game. The only Pokémon game I haven’t played has been diamond/pearl and white/black.

  10. Hasn’t strayed too far lol? I know I’m knit picking but Pokémon has gone in a direction that me as a lifetime fan can’t really follow. I guess I’m just stuck in the past but once things started going 3D I started losing interest. However I still play the older 2d games religiously.

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