Shin Megami Tensei V Review

Shin Megami Tensei V may be slow-paced, but its strategic turn-based combat and dark, foreboding atmosphere deliver a challenging and rewarding RPG experience.

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  1. Yeah, the problem is in videogames reviews, everything below 9 is considered crap. They'd better start with a new system because it's getting ridiculous over the time.

  2. will we be able to play the game with japanese voice over & english subs, aka the only way to play japanese games?

    please include source with your answer.

  3. I’ve noticed that this game has gotten reviews out super earlier than most. Anyone else notice that? Just a little over one day left to play it!!! ?

  4. Because this game available on Switch. It need to tune down the graphic. Kinda sad but that’s how things are these days. Same for Persona striker…

  5. A review that doesn’t pit the Atlus titles against eachother but SIMPLY REVIEWS THE GAME?! Wow I guess there are some good games journalists out there

  6. I appreciate the detail this review goes into for the combat and gameplay. After having played it a bit myself, I agree with the cons. This is a slow, story-light game carried by the difficulty, exploration, atmosphere, and MUSIC

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