Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl – DS vs. Switch Graphics Comparison

With Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl coming to Nintendo Switch, we put Shining Pearl head-to-head with the original Pokémon Diamond on Nintendo DS to see the graphical differences.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were originally released for the Nintendo DS in 2006 in Japan and 2007…

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  1. I really regret never play any pokemon game in my childhood on the ds

    Just Omega Rubin remake for 3ds when i was 15
    Best game i played on ds

  2. I mean, Im as much of a "GameFreak / Nintendo is an evil company that only cares about money" as the next guy, but reading some of the comments on this video has me realize how hard it must be mentally for developers working on Pokémon games when people are literally never satisfied, always a 100 things wrong, then when the next game is released many of the things that some/many disliked or liked about game "X" is now reversed and is liked (or more likely) hated on in the new game.

    I mean, Ive been part of such camps of people as well (both wittingly and unwittingly), but it isnt until now where a game suprisingly is seeming to turn out to be a blast to play and then seeing some of the critiques it gets that the fact really hit me. …maybe it is just the usual wave of "X things wrong with" that always comes with the recent release of…well, anything, or maybe Im taking faaar too much from a number of comments made on far too few videos, but Im really in a simultaneous "High-five" and "Facepalm" mood right now.

  3. After playing some Brilliant Diamond, the game actually looks nice and atmospheric. But I've also been noticing some minor graphical issues as well, mostly jagged edges on the models and in the Eterna Forest battles, you can kinda see the forest floor textures tiling a little. I wouldn't say it dampens the experience too much, but it does feel like it could have used a bit of extra polish for these little things.

    I think these days, 2d and 3d are just two different styles. But I'd love to see more 2d games get 2d remakes. But in Pokemon's case, it'd be nice to just get a port of Black and White games, I loove the animated pixel art!

  4. Ugh… Ever since Sword and Shield's release and/or its DLC, fans have been asking for the DP remakes but not me because I'm not in the mood for the remakes to be released. And then BD/SP's first trailer came out and then caused a backlash, which is annoying and irritating. You, of all people, have been asking for it, finally got its trailer, and now some of you are refusing it?? And what's more ever since the first trailer, some of you made fan made ones which you think is "better than Nintendo's", which is even more annoying and irritating. What's wrong with a Chibi sprite?? It's JUST sprite model and you would compare it to the sprites in OR/AS and LGP/LGE and say it's better. And also complain about it?? I know the sprites on OR/AS and LGP/LGE are good but still. Some of you "gaming fans" are ingrates after asking for this, you decided to take it back all because of a Chibi sprite. If you don't like it so much, explain why some of you play and love the NS Link's Awakening, which in fact uses CHIBI sprite models. ?

  5. Disappointing that it’s not more like ORAS with original content and a new Endgame. Of all the games that could’ve used a revamped Endgame with the mythics incorporated it was this one.

  6. I don't have any of these games, should I buy the ds version or the switch one? Diamond is for 45US$ and Brilliant Diamond is for 70US$ (I live in Brazil so the prices are a little bit higher than in the USA haha).

  7. Im one of those people that really wasn't thrilled with the chibi style in the remakes, but seeing them side by side does make me appreciate the 'nostalgic' design a lot more

  8. I have been playing Brilliant Diamond a lot recently and have been feeling a bit underwhelmed by it but after seeing just how faithful it is I'm actually quite impressed.

    The art style isn't my cup of tea but I can't deny how much the original has aged and how much cleaner it looks now.

  9. It would be more fair to compare the remakes with Platinum because its the superior version of D&P and the remakes should top Platinum after over 10 years. Sadly its not the case, i stick to Platinum.

  10. Looking at the new one alone, it does seem a little awkward… But in direct comparison, the pixel art work in the environments of D/P really wasn't very good. HG/SS's pixel art and colors especially were a lot more cohesive looking, so you'd have to do more in a remake to beat it than was needed here.

  11. I hate how faithful they are to the original like ive played gen 4 a billion times i dont wanna play it again just in 3d wish they added new story/content maybe new forms etc..

  12. After playing both copies of Diamond and platinum and a copy of B.Diamond i can assure platinum is miles ahead than bdsp, graphics arent everything, if u never played d/p/p and want to play bdsp dont buy it yet, Go play Platinum be it in an emulator or in the original hardware you will get a better experience than bdsp trust me
    Grapx arent everything

  13. Also Bdsp turned things way easyer… cof cof afection system/forced exp share cof cof… the ds games where way more challenging (only exception is Cinthya is way harder in the remakes)

  14. Is it crazy to think I thought 4th gen looked like how it released today when i was a kid ? I so baffled to remember the graphics as they used to be. I haven’t played it in along time. I’m so happy the rereleased it on switch

  15. I initially thought that I would hate the “Chibi style” and that it would ruin the graphics for me.
    On the contrary, I think this game is just gorgeous. And seeing it side-by-side with the original makes it so obvious that we still got a HUGE graphical improvement, even with the style choices.

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  17. I enjoy the chibi look and the new graphics, but i get that it was kinda unnecessary if they didnt do something dramatically different like sapphire and ruby. People want to explore with a overall new look, i did enjoy this tho

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