Outriders New Horizon Update Full Presentation

During this Outriders Broadcast we learn what updates the team from People Can Fly have been working on. We get more information on the upcoming update, as well as a new expansion coming in 2022. The biggest changes are coming to Expeditions which will no longer be timed. Now players can try…

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  1. Yeah but what about people who bought the game at launch on to have their character wiped and deleted when there was no fix? Got a restore for my first techno…..????
    Yeah didnt think so

  2. my jaw DROPPED when I saw all these changes, great job!!! The fact that the devs didn't give up gives me more hope. Although, I wish these changes came sooner, I'm glad they came at all! <3

  3. Oh? So waiting and skipping the buggy release period was the right call? Yay! And there's still few hours left for Epic store promotion atm…

  4. Aw man. I’m definitely coming back for this update. I knew that it got an update but i didn’t know it got so many amazing changes.

  5. Your antiduplication doesnt work rng is so off ive been trying for seismic helmet sense day one stil dont have one my friend just got into playing expiditions 2 days ago i ran with him 12hrs of exp and he got 2 full seismic sets and a total of 4helmets full statue and most of marsharls i stil have no siesmic hemlet after 7months and get statues gloves o out of 10 times so your fix for getting duplicated items so often doesnt function properly

  6. stopped ages ago when they made my fire build weaker, is there any word on a new class yet or what, thought they would of at least mentioned a new class coming in the expansion.

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