Mass Effect's Commander Shepards Break Down Their Favorite Lines

We’re Commander Shepard and these are our favorite lines on the Citadel. To celebrate N7 Day, Jennifer Hale and Mark Meer join us to break down their favourite Commander Shepard lines from the Mass Effect trilogy.

Happy N7 Day! Every year, Mass Effect developer BioWare celebrates its beloved…

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  1. Ah, these folks. This trilogy. SO much awesome. Still my favorite three games of all, especially now with Legendary Edition. And dang, while both are quite excellent actors, My goodness Jennifer Hale has an almost endless resume of great work.

  2. Citadel and Leviathan were amazing DLC. All quick whips and responses on the shore leave quest from all the crew was amazing.

  3. Every since I started playing mass effect last year I’ve been noticing Kimberly Brooks who voices ash in so many other things. She’s cheetah in one of the DCEU Wonder Woman movies, she’s in subtautica 2, but the two most surprising and low key times I’ve noticed her is in Xcom enemy unknown and Halo 5. In xcom she is Female voice 1 or 2, can’t remember off the top of my head and in Halo 5 she does the voice of a female Spartan in MP. Both of these two times I literally did a double take pulled out my phone and went on IMDB to check out if it’s her.

  4. I’ve been playing femshep over the last few months and i must have gotten used to it because i didn’t realize how nasally Sheps voice is

  5. One thing i must say about Jen's work, is that if you want a renegade playthrough you must play as fem Shepard.
    Seriously, what you has inside of girl? Such anger….

  6. First of all…I LOVE male Shepherd's voice but no one can tell me, with a straight face, that this is a good performance. I would have it no other way, but no one actually think's this is good…right?

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