How BOTW's Most Complex Glitch Was Found

Memory Storage is one of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s most complex glitches allowing you to get the Bow Of Light and start a new game with all of your equipment. But is it found by luck, skill, or knowledge? We explain how complicated glitches are discovered.


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  1. Special thanks to LegendofLinkk and Kinak to help provide the history and production of the glitch! The game has been forever changed since Memory Storage.

  2. I love and hate the memory storage glitch. I love it because it is such a interesting and broken glitch but I hate it at the same time because with took me like 15 hours to actually pull everything off. I had pulled off the menu prompt like 20 times but due to me accidentally inputting another a, ( I didint do it too quick tho it’s like a late reaction of pressing another a) it cancelled the glitch. And when I pull the memory prompt up I do the view memory and load game file way too quick soft locking the game.

  3. if u no what ur doing u dont need to have all ur stuff @ the start…thats what makes it fun…starting off w/only a stick…& seeing ur Link grow lil by lil…thats what makes BotW fun…having all ur stuff @ the start takes away from all that….

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