History Of Call Of Duty WW2 Games

From Infinity Ward’s original Call of Duty to Sledgehammer’s latest, Call of Duty: Vanguard, we chart the history of the World War II Call of Duty games.

From wars in the past, wars in the present, and even wars in the far-flung future, Call of Duty has been there. But the juggernaut franchise…

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  1. Call of Duty World At War is one of the best, or probably the best World War 2 game ever. It captured the brutality, heroism, and inhumanity of WW2 all in one game. Such a shame that World War 2 and Vanguard couldn't match it.

  2. Interesting history for the franchise; however I cant play another COD game anymore. From bullet sponges, to too much features; All shooter genres kindof lost touch with me.

    FYI Never was a fan of zombies,

  3. yezz Vanguard is the opposite of THe original CoD. I hate that they only making Cod games for money now. NOTHING is like WWII in VAnguard. They put guns into the game that never existed or saw non-service like the AN44. At Stalingrad. Around 43. Rly

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