Halo Infinite Multiplayer Surprise Drop Livestream

Surprise! Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has dropped a few weeks earlier than expected, so let’s check it out.

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  1. I wish the movement was twice as fast, with jet packs and a more detailed gun selection with different attachments.
    It’s very casual the way it is, it should be insane fast.

  2. Im happy it launched today but what is absolutely disgusting is the fact that a lazy players can simply pay to unlock everything instead of earning it. players who refuse to pay up literally get nothing. this is not halo.

  3. Time to kill and sluggish controls are a Dissapointing for me in my firs couple hours with it. Shame I was hoping it would be better.

  4. I played three matches. Thats a lie two soft crashed in the middle of them. I don't get this game. I couldn't get in a big team slayer match it never found one. Had to play three games of the capture and hold game. Does the assault rifle do damage or is it a place holder? The barrier you can throw down doesn't do anything. Its cool looking. This game feels very gross.

  5. When you fell off map in the warthog at 41 minutes, that was because someone hijacked the driver seat and drove you both off the ledge. Your teammate didn't drive you off lol.

  6. Not a fan of the gameplay at all, but I have to plead ignorance on that because I haven't played a Halo game since Reach. Is this how all the games have played since then?

  7. The way you have to obtain the points to rank up is lame as fuuuuuuccckkkkkk. Also, if you don't buy the premium pass you get virtually no unlocks or cosmetics. I dont want to hear that its a free game either, its always been included with the campaign with rank unlocks or something similar. This whole having to pay $30 to be able to unlock customization options such as color or armor pieces is bs.

  8. I’ve been giving this game chance after chance but I swear I feel so unfulfilled after the game is over. 10 seconds to spawn is too long on 4v4. Big team battles kids are only getting max like 25 kills a game. Makes so sense that I can kill 40 people in 4v4 but can’t in big team battle

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