Halo Infinite Multiplayer Review in Progress

Though it has an unfulfilling progression grind, Halo Infinite hosts a welcome assortment of multiplayer modes that offer a rewardingly fun experience.

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  1. Man this game feels so good! Halo is back, and after a few updates especially by season 2 this will be a KILLER game 🙂 Proud of 343 for what they pulled long as they keep listening to the community this will be a game everyone can enjoy.

  2. BTB just feels like normal arena but with a couple warthogs. The complete lack of vehicles, and only adding the good ones near the end of the match, is completely questionable decision.

  3. Wait im confused. soo this is a review in progress but you still give it a ranking? Soo when the game is fully released, are yall going to review the muliplayer again?

  4. That paywall for customizations wasn't brought up I wonder if they used some of the revenue from $20 skins and a battle pass with an abysmal progression system forcing people to pay for armor that to get the rest of you have to you guessed it PAY another $20 to complete for a favorable review.

  5. I personally can care less about the progression system and armor customization when the game is insanely fun to play especially with a group of friends. The things that people are complaining about are so minimal in my opinion. The fun is there, the party system is good, the weapon balance is good, the maps are good, there are so many players, and the list goes on. They got so much right for this game in terms of the Halo feeling.

  6. You guys know why this game is pretty good? Cuz the fkn devs test their own game unlike cod and BF. Man if this was 343 and bungie this game would be a masterpiece

  7. This was a great and honest review, I usually don't watch reviews by large game reviewers, I was turned off by some other companies that I could tell were paid for their review styles..
    but I can tell that this was a true review. Props to you my friend.

  8. I'm surprised that your stockpile matches last so long. I don't like the mode either but they are pretty quick. Quicker than CTF. Either i'm on a team which plays the objective and we dominate the other team in less than 5 minutes or my team doesn't play the objective and the match is over in a blink of an eye.

  9. I tried it for the first time yesterday. I always just played the halo cmpains on the past. I play alot of destiny 2 crucible. I enjoyed it. I had. Couple of minor issues. I was shooting someone over and over with the AR, they didn't die which was weird. Also I also spammed an explosive shot on someone in mother match and it did nothing even though it was hitting them and they one shotted me after about 15 seconds or so of me hitting them. I will put it down to early issues though. Overall fun, but I still prefer Destiny 2 crucible matches. Though might play this occasionally. The lack of basic customisation for characters is poor.

  10. Halo infinite is an AMAZING Halo game thats ruined by the most abysmal leveling/unlock system in the history of the franchise

  11. Im glad Halo Infinite is on PC and especially free to play. This is a very good arena style shooter. No loadouts, no killstreaks, no unfair advantage, just a classic skill based shooter.

  12. really fair review…
    i will say tho you said you didnt like stockpile and then showed us the slowest possible return of the batteries..
    you can full sprint and throw that battery without stopping… that one guy everyone has on the team that ends with just short of 5-10 plants, thats what hes doing

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