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Halo Infinite Impressions: Exploration, Upgrades, and More

Halo Infinite is only weeks away, and Matt Miller, Brian Shea, and Alex Stadnik are here to break down their campaign impressions from GI’s recent cover story with 343! Join the crew as they discuss the game’s story, combat, and so much…

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  1. Nope! I always made special care to keep my marines alive. Even loaded back checkpoints if one fell. I baby the other humans, and I typically play on Heroic.

  2. All in all: I'm not 100% convinced, but I'm generally more positive about Halo: Infinite than I was even a month ago. I still think this new alien faction is incredibly hilariously obviously their attempt at retrying the "bigger threat" faction since they failed so much with doing the Forerunners right. Also, they make me think of the Maykrs from Doom, just "Halo-ified" (a big-headed queen with a ton of floating drones that stay at the same height, weird armors and powers, float all the time, etc).

    Hope drones and engineers show up as well as the Covenant proper under Thel. Maybe in a future story DLC?

  3. WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU GO SO HEAVY ON STORY SPOILERS??!!? Really need the clicks that bad??! What a bunch of assholes. Now even if we don't watch this they'll be all over the internet.

  4. Guys what kind of stuff is being spoiled? I haven’t watched yet but if there’s like super huge mid-campaign spoilers let me know. Idc about like the intro and all that but anything past there I don’t wanna know

  5. We won't know about the story in this game until we all get to play it, hopefully it will be amazing. But let's face reality, the game looks very sterile and this preview confirms that what we saw in 2020 is what we're going to get in a few weeks on Dec 8th (with less pop in). If Forza Horizon 5 could look amazing as a cross gen game why can't Halo Infinite? 😪😪

  6. I guess “and more” means blatant spoilers of story elements we were fortunate enough to experience for ourselves. I would guess most people who click on a 40 minute video are passionate halo fans that have waited years for this story and you decided it’s a good idea to drop unreleased information in our faces with no warning. Just outright disrespectful. Doesn’t matter if it’s the first 30 seconds.

  7. I am absolutely Shaking in my Bones in anticipation of Halo Infinite's release… I wish I could sleep until it's available. My God, it's going to be Glorious!!!

  8. Breh. These "Spoilers" They talked about just the first 4 minutes of the game. Y'all saying it ruined the first 6 hours of gameplay?? Y'all clearly didn't watch the entire thing LMAO.

  9. Why does no one call this what it is, its basically just cause with bridges that act like the opening area from BOTW, but for the whole game

  10. This is CE 2.0, and I am here for it. Bungie actually said this was the kind of thing they originally wanted to do with CE but couldn't (conceptually, anyway).

    Let's have it already!

  11. I really really really hope they explain to us or show us an in game clip on how Chief ended up floating through space. I hate when games just start you off with something like that and there's so explanation

  12. 343 could advance the release of the game to the specialized press to allow this masterpiece to compete for this year's Game Awards! It would be one of the favorite games of the year without a doubt.

  13. I'm worried that there won't be that original weapon scarcity that used to be so prominent in the linear halo games, specially halo 1, 2 and 3. It looks more like doom sort of gameplay where you have a big choice of weapons, which isn't necessarily bad but I really like the simplicity and efficiency of the few good weapons in the first halo games where you would have to make good choices and sacrifices depending on what gear you wanted to have and what sort of enemies you were facing.

  14. Instead of a farcry blueprint. It would've been welcoming if it were more in tune with MGS Phantom Pain. Like building a base, Getting resources for your base, marines and others. Finding people with different rank and skill sets that can help you with converting technology and making your equipment. Also base defense, Don't get me wrong im still playing halo infinite game looks to be amazing.

  15. Game Informer, regardless of what others are saying. This video is fine and people are overreacting. Yes there is a spoiler for the first 4min of the game, however it isn’t your fault they listened. You properly led up to it in your wording. I could tell immediately you were going to “spoil” something and I had ample time to pause the video before you did. I opted to watch through however and it’s not bad at all.

    People shouldn’t be watching videos on the campaign if they don’t want causal slips like that. In my mind, it’s their own fault.

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