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Halo Infinite | Exclusive Coverage Trailer (4K)

We’re excited to announce Game Informer’s latest cover: Halo Infinite! Join us over the next few weeks as we give you exclusive looks at gameplay, interviews (including a new Rapid-Fire), and so much more! Be sure to head over to…

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  1. The original story was about the fate of all life in the galaxy, millions of years worth of evolution and struggle threatened by a singular mass extinction event. Whatever this game cooks up, it can only be equivalent, or more likely, lesser.

  2. so excited for this game to come out. my only nitpick is the brute here talking in the trailer. every time I see him I'm just like "meh" and cringe. I'm not yet sold on him as a villian at all. he just seems too generic and 1 dimensional. boring. doesn't seem to have a deep personality. he doesn't seem like a "real" villian. seems fake. if this guy is the main villain (I hope not) I'm gonna be a bit disappointed. I hope we get to shoot his ass in the head as chief and call it a day at the very beginning of the campaign and then the REAL villian shows up.

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