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In today’s GameSpot News, DeVante goes over Halo Infinite co-op delays, December’s free Games With Gold, and more.

Halo development boss Joseph Staten has commented on the delay of Halo Infinite’s campaign co-op feature, saying Halo and co-op are synonymous, so it was “very, very hard” to…

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  1. Someone in 343 management should be fired for this decision – it’s downright irresponsible. The best halo experience is playing the campaign with a friend – especially the first time. 343 industry cannot stop earning disrespect

  2. Not buying the Infinite campaign until co-op is added, I've watched some playthrough form a friend it looks good however I find it funny how the marines pathfinding is a bit broken lol I mean I wouldn't have minded if they just released the multiply for now and delayed the campaign until they got co-op up too, that way the path finding on the mnarines wouldn't be a little broken.

    They follow you, but it's more like the follow your path than the character itself like most halo titles, like you can go around across the map and then back up top, you'd think they'd stop where you are as we'd expect, but nope! instead they literally follow the steps you took so they can end up passing you just so they can complete the path you took and go all the way around until they've reached where you've stopped. SO you can end up without any Marine back up in the game lol

  3. Not buying mini fridge. I already can't stand how loud consoles are. I have to constantly have a headset on or turn up the TV so loud it bothers everyone else in the house.

  4. Given that the game is available through xCloud, I think it was a huge misstep for 343 to decide to make it run natively on the Xbox One. It could have easily been stream only on the X1

  5. Nope this is unacceptable. They should have waited to release the game when its actually finished. 343 this is a load of BS who in there right mind wants to play Halo without co-op. Its one of the few games you can play with friends/family. I'm very disappointed

  6. i honestly would prefer the game release with co op. now n days developers release incomplete games knowing they can finish it with updates. i will not play campaign until release of coop.

  7. I’m getting my wife into Halo after her friend invited us to play online when the multiplayer first released. Super bummed that there’s no co-op so we can train her skills together, offline

  8. Litterally makes no sense not adding coop and then making us wait till may when we are already bored with the game and campaign

  9. I have a question about how this will work, coming from someone who has fully experienced only the halo infinite campaign… how would multi-player work with a master chief campaign? Does the other player also play as master chief? Or would they just be their multi-player customized spartan?

  10. I like the way 343 released the game in stages without throwing out everything as a cluster bomb like MCM did.

  11. Co-op campaign delayed and still not here.

    But by god the $20 armor sets and the battle pass were right on time.

    I miss when games weren't soulless husks to charge you more money.

  12. Still haven’t played bc of no co op. Guess I’m waiting longer. Also where tf is flood firefight? It’s been months pretty sure infinite made that a dead project.

  13. Im so mad. Well before the release I did my research on whether or not it was going to be split screen. I found the answer to be yes so I was so so excited that I could finally play with my husband again since we weren't able to with the last. I get the game and when starting it up realize its not allowing us to split screen. I google it, to find that they released the game without splitscreen. Such a waste and very disappointing.

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