Halo Infinite Campaign Hands-On Preview

Halo Infinite is a strong start for Master Chief’s first open-world outing, and it could bode well for the overall single-player experience.

In the opening moments of Halo Infinite’s campaign, a despondent pilot says to Master Chief, “You have one bullet against an entire army, what can you do…

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  1. The game looks great. But that being said, if someone showed me a screenshot of Infinite in 2001 when Halo CE came out and told me that 20 years later this is what the newest Halo would look like. I think I wouldn't even believe them and be very disappointed. Granted Halo CE was very ahead of its time graphically. But it looks like the same engine only way more polished. Look at Half Life 1 and then 20 years after look at HL: Alex the difference is worlds apart. just my 2 cents.

  2. impo I think one of the most valuable things to this new halo is time in general.. I was around 9-10 years old when the first Xbox launched and with it, halo.. super nostalgic to me as it was probably the first true campaign game I played and serious gaming experience I had after a n64 and Mario kart and star fox type games I grew up on.. that said, reach was the last one I truly enjoyed, it'll never have a spot quite like the original in my heart but it was a great game.. I feel like now it's time and will be playing infinite in the next couple days and I have high hopes and high expectations.. I feel like the timing is perfect and Its the first time in YEARS that I've been excited for a halo game..

  3. So atriox beats up master chief but also because master chief lost his Partner so chief gave up and now I feel atriox will come back to finish job once he’s done with infinity

  4. Thank god I live in Canada. There’s literally nothing for me to do but play halo campaign and multiplayer and then elden ring in February. I don’t know how much I’ll be able to play king of fighters but that’s also in my radar.

  5. There is NO Fall Damage. You don't need to "Grappleshot at the last moment to land safely." @MintBlitz literally jumped off a cliff and fell for like 9 seconds, landing directly on the ground and taking no damage— IN the Campaign Preview. Just FYI 🙂

  6. Time to play the entire halo series. This game looks amazing. Can't believe I never played halo before . Does the halo master chief collection has all the games? Tell me which games i have to play to understand halo infinite history

  7. The campaign is only being 10% released even though it sadly was going to be a great campaign with a cool elite in a tower. 343 Just Couldn't Not add a huge amount of gayporn and racist characters just like the netflix cowboy bebop. Because of a theoretical 10 year model, 343 only has to release a short episode with 1 area and will keep adding more episodes later on which is why the game takes place on a small floating isle. They could've at least had one more area to make the game as it is now longer than 2 hours but they didn't because people need to be thankful for what they have and they need to join the forerunner program/mod discords so that more content can be made for 34free. The flood and more to come chapter 2 2023. I'm in the forerunner program and I'm breaking NDA to talk about it. Arbiter is going to join chief for the last boss fight only 2 hours into the game if you don't waste your time exploring. 1/10 was 10/10 for potential but the studio wanted to do a youtube focus in order to cover up lack of content for the last 3 years.

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