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Halo Infinite: 117 Rapid-Fire Questions With Joseph Staten

We’re back with another Rapid-Fire interview! Join us as we sit down with Joseph Staten, head of creative at 343 Industries, to quickly ask him 117 questions about Halo Infinite!

Halo Infinite is this month’s Game Informer cover, and if you…

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  1. The fact that Staten has teenagers now is mind blowing, I’ve been a big fan of the guy since halo 2 was announced and he himself hasn’t changed a bit, but so much time has passed.

  2. 343 was smart bringing joe back , this guy needs to remain the creative lead and 343 compensate this guy so we can keep playing great halo games . Infinite is amazing btw

  3. 4:06
    "Master Chief" is the highest rank an enlisted member of the navy can attain, which is why everybody ordering him around all of the time doesn't make any sense. The marines in Infinite even call him "stupid" sometimes, which is very bad. They should say, "Uh, Master Chief, are you angry with me?" instead when he's accidently damaged one.

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