Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy–Definitive Edition Review

Rockstar’s remastered GTA trilogy is, appropriately, an absolute car wreck of creative neglect. Is the Grand Theft Auto: Definitive Edition an ideal way to experience the trilogy? Hell no.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy—Definitive Edition is now available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Series…

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  1. I honestly like the new art style, it’s fun and different…definitely not “better” turn the original style, but as someone who has beaten the OGs, it’s neat and different

    That being said…it would be nice if the game was ACTUALLY FUNCTIONAL 🤦‍♂️

  2. rockstar Shame on you do you call this Definitive Edition? this is a disaster Edition.
    Rockstar Shame on you, don't buy what a disaster. how can you sell this??????

  3. 7:54 Thats my problem. It sounds like you and everyone is saying I shouldn't buy the game and its wrong. If I want to buy the game, i'll buy the game. I like the game. The originals are so impossible to play with its controls.

  4. yeah it could have been better but im happy to have these older games at lease playable. Ive played san andreas tons of times but vice city and gta 3 i never got around to so this will give me a much better experience going back and playing the classics. Hopefully one day they do create a proper remaster.

  5. the rain in gta 3 is annoying, but the lack of cog i enjoy all around. i wish that 3 had the top down view that the original GTA 3 had. as for the fog making the SA map look smaller i like the clear. IDC about how small or large the map feels.

  6. Can't believe he actually complained about the whatever phobias from 20-year-old games. I mean, yeah, what did you expect? That they would remove it for "modern sensibilities"?

  7. the gta trilogy defintive edition is nothing but an INSULT to the fans, and to the GAMES themselves. GTA is finished.

  8. Honestly i think they could’ve done what square enix did with the kingdom hearts remixes and just slapped a better resolution and framerate, along with some new features and we wouldve been happy with it

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