Forza Horizon 5 Review

Alessandro explored ancient ruins in a McLaren F1, jumped sand dunes in an Ariel Nomad, and took a breezy seaside drive in a VW California Coast for 20 hours with Forza Horizon 5. Review code was provided by Microsoft.

Forza Horizon 5 releases on November 9th on Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox…

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  1. THE MAP IS THE SAME FUCKING SIZE AS 4! It is NOT bigger. It is taller, but the total area is the same. Comparing VISUAL distance and sizes is not the same as PHYSICAL distances. Ffs, you people believe anything these developers say.

  2. FGS just give this game VR. It already has fleshed out interiors, all it needs is a decent first person camera functionality. I love FH4 anyway, so won't be buying another until they step up.

  3. Forza 5 is my GOTY. I literally played all day Saturday and Sunday and almost found all of the roads and boards.

    The quality T10 & PG Studios put in each car and environments is pretty amazing.

    I like how they put the same amount of love not just for the Series consoles but also X1X and X1 consoles versions.

    I prefer quality mode over performance as I like that crisp look with the effects. Series X/S shines here. The level of detail is breathtaking.

  4. On a regular xbox one s it's a sketch investment be warned. Bought it brand new and the game installed wouldn't start -installed under the name woodstock final. Then reinstalled and got the check my network connection and something went wrong screens. I connected to my Hotspot to find out after installing that the game needed a 92 gig update. I literally just wanted to play the offline vanilla game..

  5. Lol, Playground games is British you neo-neolithic colonist. Didn't realise Gamespot was a xenophobic gaming channel. No wonder you're barely even a shadow of GS from a decade ago. Pretending to like your southerly neighbours now because of a racing game that was made in Britain lmao!

  6. Nice spoiler to start off your "review." Thanks. And please look up the pronunciation of "debuted" and the plural form of "series" before doing another review.

  7. I have a ps5 with gt sport and an Xbox series x with Forza 5. Forza graphics are better whereas the physics engine in gt sport is superior. However, these are different games intended for different players. I happen to enjoy both. I think gt7 will match or exceed the Forza graphics and certainly portray more realism with the physics engine. But they’re incomparable because the scope of Forza 5 is astonishing and it accomplishes what it sets out to flawlessly. 10/10 from ps5 gt sport player, playing gran turismo since gt2.

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