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First Look At Halo Infinite's Opening Level (4K)

Join Game Informer for your first 4K look at Halo Infinite’s opening level! We set the stage for what to expect from the campaign while showing off the early moments of Master Chief’s next adventure.

Halo Infinite is this month’s Game Informer…

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  1. Seeing a Spartan use a grapple shot to move around breaks the idea of a 2-ton warrior and the lore of every god damn novel I read of the Halo Universe. You're not a fairy doing dance moves in the air but an armored warrior who is a tank against enemies.

    Giving a Spartan the ability to move like in a god damn Zelda game breaks the immersion so bad … like really really bad .. its awful. You know they striked out 3/3 with Halo 5 and I didn't play that game 2 months in after …. I'm not playing this fairy Zelda game at all on launch ….

    Why do they keep doing this … putting crap in that fans really hate … really sad Halo died with Halo 3. That game I still play weekly on the MCC.

  2. I love that there’s like embargo’s on reviews for games. But we get these videos of the first level and whatnot and people already reviewing the game. I don’t want to see shit about it until after December 8th

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