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First Look At Halo Infinite's Campaign, New Weapon, and More (4K)

We’re taking a deep dive into Halo Infinite as part of Game Informer’s latest cover story! Join Stadnik and Miller as they give you a 4K first look at the campaign, a new weapon, and so much more!

Halo Infinite is this month’s Game Informer…

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  1. Fighting the same enemies only gets boring if they become predictable and there are no stakes.
    The storytelling looks to be on point to driving the sakes and the AI looks to be adaptive and immersive.
    Halo infinite is like Halo 6 interrupting Halo Wars 3.

  2. Im pretty sure theyve played on easy mode but the ai looks pretty dumb to me. Since halo 1 i was impressed of how the enemies interact in the fights. Halos ai was always pretty good

  3. Deja-Vu? Seems that the AI of the Elites is as dumb as in H4. Like kindergarten children compared to the deadly and challenging Reach Elites.

  4. Still blows my mind they still have the same lame elbow and sword hit from 20 years ago. C’mon man do something different and more unique like Gears and Doom when they kill an enemy up close. This studio really lacks innovative ideas and development, hope they give a Halo to another studio.

  5. This has to be the most beautiful damn game I've ever seen. At 53 seconds the elite in red yells out when his shields pop and then the blue elite dives in front of him to shield him, and literally pushes the red elite back to protect him, and then they do this sick alternating maneuver, one in back, one in front. Never seen these tactics in Halo before.

  6. Seeing the enemies behind walls should be a feature to be able to turn of that silly crap in the game settings. I never did like this in games. It just ruins the immersion when gaming as i don't want to know or see whats round a corner before i get there its just so dumb there is no point in this being in any games. It feels like a x-ray vision hack the idea in playing a game is not knowing what coming next around the corner and not just that it look's silly seeing them ducking or hiding thinking that we don't know their there just looks so out of place and awful to see it done this way

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