Firearms Expert Reacts To Battlefield 2042’s Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down the weaponry of Battlefield 2042, including the FN SCAR assault rifle, the PP-19 Bizon and a Marlin Model 1895.

In the latest video in the Firearm Expert Reacts series, Jonathan…

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  1. Putting some charms on the guns isn't that weird even. I noticed during my conscription that many guys put some charm hanging from the gun to quickly identify their own weapon without reading the serial number

  2. I feel that the sight with the signal indicators is because the soldier and their unit has taste because they gotta watch some Royal Armories somehow.
    Jokes aside, I am gonna be reaching with my theory and it's that sight has the ability to share what's in front of the soldier to HQ through a camera feeding back to HQ Reaching, of course.

  3. I wanted to love this game to much, but not being able to use my HOTAS to fly really hurt my BF4 turned Arma 3 heli pilot soul. Was fun to play 1942 again though 😛
    Oh the nightmare that was the un nerfed PP-29. Getting constantly one tapped at long range by an SMG was infuriating.

  4. Can you please do Ghost Recon: Breakpoint now that the game has been massively overhauled and is basically like a new game? The game has one of the best and largest, comprehensive lists on modern weapons out of any game.

  5. I'm an American. I'm blessed with being able to get behind many firearms. Having experienced firing the real versions of those game guns. I got to grow up learning about firearms by firing them, instead of how you learned through video games and books. (Your words not mine.)

    That said, I've not experienced all of them. For example the MP9 or Keltech TMP. In fact any of those sub machines guns or pistol weapons. I have never fired them. In fact the only things close to them I've gotten to fire is the PS90, M2 Thompson, and the British Sten. Of those sub sized rifles I appreciated the Sten most of all. It's lower fire rate compared to the others couple with ergonomics that I find easy to use makes for a great little sub gun. Light, accurate if you have practice firing full auto rifles, and firing slow enough to allow me (again just my personal experience) to handle the recoil and keep the muzzle from climbing into heaven. The PS90 I didn't like. Firing the "S" mode,l as I'm sure you know, means it is only semi automatic, not fully automatic. I didn't like it because of the massive height difference between the barrel and where the sights are. It's probably only about a 4 inch gap, but that's a massive gap when it comes down to aiming a short barreled gun. I found myself struggling to keep rounds on target. The Thompson? Well she's fun to shoot but the .45 ACP round fired from it has too much recoil for a rifle with a high fire rate. Furthermore the thing is very heavy for its size. It lacks any kind of real technology to help you control the climb of the muzzle. For such a heavy thing you'd expect the gun to help you control it. But no! At least not for me anyway. I'm not a trained soldier and I'm not expert. Just talking from my personal experience.

  6. 11:15 As an Australian and the F90 being our standard issue infantry weapon I'm actually hurt that Jonathan would think that the AC-42 would be an F90… No but all jokes aside there really is no real similarity between the two of them at all! If you were to ask me, the AC-42 looks more like an IWI Tavor fitted with Manticore furniture.

  7. While clearly it doesn't really make sense to waste Johnathan and the production crew's time on older games, I really would love to see him cover Battlefield 2142's guns. Yes, 2142, not 2042. I think it would be cool to see his take on how DICE saw weapons technology evolving back then versus the trends we have now, many of which did turn out differently.

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