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Exclusive: Halo Infinite Now Vs. 2020 Campaign Comparison (4K)

Halo Infinite’s campaign is nearly here, but today we’re giving you an exclusive 4K look at how the team has improved the game in the last year of development. We’re touring Zeta Halo and the original demo, but this time with a new shine to it as…

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  1. Honestly I'm surprised that everyone is happy with the graphics. They announced at the beginning of the project that they would be revolutionary and yet it's less realistic than Halo 5 (released in 2015!). It looks very plastic even after the 2021 changes.

  2. I actually prefer the original lighting and foliage. The grass looks so much crispier compared the the muddy boring landscape in the new version. Chief defs looks better now but I find it funny how they fixed the banished leader in the final part, bad graphics? Just turn him into a hologram lmao just make a CINEMATIC instead of in game graphics ?

    Also usually when you do a comparison you hold the same weapon and drive the same vehicle in the same area. Pretty bad comparison lol

  3. Ok, that still look mediocre specially the god rays in the intro and what is all that like smoke or something while they were talking that really kills the deepness of the game and REALLY? COPYING the grapple dart from dom eternal, what the hell was doing 343 industries this 8 months touching their balls?

  4. Gameplay looks better for def. Cutscenes looks worse imo with lighting scaled back. They’ve gone for resolution over a more cinematic look but just means that things look flat now. Overall though loving the multiplayer so will enjoy the campaign too.

  5. I think I prefer 2020’s initial cutscene… it was more vivid and less washed out/murky.

    The gameplay graphics seem better: the texture popping is gone and the lighting is more detailed.

  6. I’m a massive halo fan and was so disappointed with that 2020 showing. The fact they listened, delayed the game and came back with the goods makes me feel so happy and proud to be an Xbox gamer. Well done 343 and MS ?? I can not wait

  7. Can someone help me understand why every single game journalist seems hellbent on making Infinite’s gameplay look as boring as possible

  8. What did they do to the pilot’s eyes it just makes him look off now plus is it the contrast? Because the colour in the opening cutscene looks really washed out

  9. Played Halo day it was released on Xbox , I was all about it when it was supposed to be an rts, then open world, etc. I love that it’s on PC same day as console this was not the case for many years. I feel like this is closer to Halo 1 than any other. Last halo I enjoyed was ODST. Probably 4 hours in and loving it!

  10. At first I honestly I thought the reveal looked better but then I paid really close attention to the lighting and gameplay and did not realize how much of a difference there was. not a halo fan but wow go Microsoft! doing right by the players.

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