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Elden Ring (PS5) | New Gameplay Today

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a big one. Join Game Informer’s resident Souls expert Dan Tack, along with Marcus Stewart and Alex Stadnik, as they show off some brand new gameplay from Elden Ring, the hotly-anticipated open-world outing from…

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  1. I know DS fans are super happy but this looks nothing like a new franchise. It’s just an open world DS game. That’s it. I mean if people were shown this gameplay without knowing it’s title. Many would assume it was DS4. In this day and age where games constantly come out as DS like or DS clones. I was hoping for an rpg that was on the level of Skyrim. We haven’t really had something like that in awhile.

  2. На первых минутах нам показывают бой с виверной, не слезая с козла. Игрок просто ездит слегка помахивая дубинкой. Это хардкор? Это DS, который мы заслужили? Неужто всё так примитивно? Я не могу на это смотреть. Это унизительно. Кто-нибудь из пощупавших игру, отзовитесь, пожалуйста!

  3. It bothers me just a bit that Demon's Souls looks better than Elden Ring. Just a bit. Elden Ring does look like a phenomenal game but it has a last-gen wash to it, very similar to Dark Souls 3, especially ground textures, detail and foliage.

  4. I just hope Elden Ring takes skill to play, like Sekiro. Not patience like Dark Souls. I hate Dark Souls for that. And also hating the no protagonist voice and not liking the pre rendered cutscenes.

  5. Horse mechanics seem inspired from the Darksiders games … spawning, despawning, general movement and handling, burst of speed, horse combat etc… even the fact that they are "spirit horses" and not physical ones.

  6. This game never needed the attachment of GRRM's name, I'm 100% sure they roped him in because at the time GoT was really popular. From Software is massive, I can't imagine how they are able to churn out these giant games one after another and each one is distinct enough yet familiar. I just love 'em! I'm so happy that I was able to appreciate these games and again, thank you for that Tim and DanTack!

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