Elden Ring 84 Minutes of PlayStation 5 Gameplay (4K)

The Elden Ring Network Test is underway, and Gamespot’s very own Tamoor Hussain was lucky enough to get his hands on it. So, we present to you, 84 minutes of Elden Ring gameplay, with some slight narration by Dave Klein of DaveControl. Elden Ring releases February 25, 2022.

Elden Ring is the…

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  1. I got this game the other day but I work really long hours so I haven't got to play it yet 😬 gonna put some major hours towards it this weekend though 💪

  2. I am terrible at All Souls games so if you don't know how to play and be good at the game it's a nightmare….
    BUT if you use DISTANCE attacks YOU might just change your mind!!

  3. Isit online? Im hearing a lot of talk within the Destiny community of people playing it but this is the first ive seen if it. Dont want to watch too much incase i decide to play it

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