ELDEN RING 15 Minute Gameplay Preview Livestream

Tune in at 3 PM CET/7 AM PDT on November 4th for a 15-minute Elden Ring Gameplay Preview. Countdown begins at 2:45 PM CET / 6:45 AM PDT.

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  1. Sekiro and Bloodborne were good but Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3 kept me coming back playing them over and over again. I look forward to Elden Ring.

  2. This is the future heroin. Thid is how the metaverse will be. They will make travel so expensive and people will need to travel they the metaverse. They will live in the metaverse. The matrix within the matrix within inception.

  3. Lmao this video has been out for 4 months u fuck ass copyright and cut all the shit out just have everyone sit there for something they could of saw from someone else that actually released it and didn’t cut the shit

  4. Even without reading about the game, I knew it was from the same developers as dark souls. Beautiful graphics, awesome story, and terrible combat mechanics. Dark Souls wasn't hard because of good level design. Dark Souls was hard because every enemy can hit you 5 times before you can finish a single swing of your sword. The attack animation is absurdly, and unnecessarily long. I'll never play a game from them unless they fix that silly shit.

  5. So basically dark souls with open world 🤩 I'm all for this. Well dark souls had open world but felt really restricted but this looks like a lot of fun

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