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Dying Light 2 | New Gameplay Today

Few games have captured the imagination quite like Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Developer Techland’s ambitious open-world title has the potential to wow players with meaningful choices, a beautiful space to cause chaos, and satisfying zombie…

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  1. Been playing through Dying Light again waiting for this and even Hellraid looks better than the entire extent of this gameplay video.
    Dlc looks better than a full game? Why does this look 10x worse than the first gameplay video? I almost want to cry because I want to believe this isn't what Dying Light 2 will be.

  2. I'm anxious to play this game, but I am disappointed that firearms have been scaled way down…and their reason for doing this is absurd. They claim that firearms can't be reproduced in an apocalypse, which is false and shows that the Devs DON'T know basic firearm design or history. In the trailer it shows various electronic tools, which are FAR more difficult to produce than firearms. To give you an idea, firearms existed several hundred years before power tools…yet the game has it the exact opposite. Now I get that its a videogame, but any game that breaks common sense also breaks immersion for me personally.

  3. My main hopes are that you can turn off the healthcars on the HUD and also I hope those numbers next to their health aren’t there to let us know the zombies will level up along side us. Dead Island was practically ruined because of that.

  4. I haven't seen much gameplay just because I don't want any false expectations as they may remove some features before release however I hope it's not a game with a forgettable story or reoccurring missions to make the side story arks longer

  5. Please hire someone who can actually speak fluently to do your reviews next time.I must have heard at least a thousand ''like''in a 10 min video

  6. As someone who really wants dying light 2 to be awesome I'm kind of worried we haven't seen any next gen gameplay and I'm not going to lie the graphics look like a downgrade to the first game, even the physics and ui is a downgrade imo.

  7. It's really unfortunate that this game looks like dog shit compared to the first game. Oh well, disappointments in video games these days seem to be the norm. Half expected it.

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