Call of Duty: Vanguard Review

Tweaks in multiplayer and Zombies advance the Call of Duty franchise overall, and an emphasis on distinct characters makes Vanguard’s story fun, but it doesn’t always mix well with the series’ gameplay.

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  1. As a russian I can say that this is a shame. Как можно было так надругаться над историей? Такого дерьма давно не видел.

  2. I only bought vanguard because the latest update totally broke MW 2019 multiplayer. Even though there are conspiracies that they did this so people would buy the newer version. I have to say, I’ve NEVER enjoyed WW2 COD games in the past especially the multiplayer. But guys….Vanguard multiplayer feels like no other WW2 COD game in the past. Using the same engine that MW 2019 has, the mechanics feel amazing man. Glad I bought it can’t put it down haha.

  3. Its campaign is 10 out if 10 its better then the order 1986 and cold way had the wrost campaign ever vanguard is a great game its deserves a perfect 10 i know this cause im monster john greatest gamer on galaxy but overall farcry 6 owns both cold war and vanguard

  4. Regarding the campaign, I thought it was a clever idea the way they had this assembled team and then gave their backstories through flashback chapters for each. The character of Paulina was done really well. If only the other three had been shown as much care. In some cases there were gaffes that I can only describe as lazy. Why for instance would you be able to capture German weapons from Japanese soldiers? In the North Africa segment with the Australian soldier, because he carried an Australian Owen smg, I felt that here somebody really did their research, only to hear someone later shout "protect the tanks from those RPGs!" Really, dudes. Nobody caught that? And like the video says, it is a bit cartoonish at times. I could live with all that, but I was finished with the campaign in a day and a half. It was just too short. I get it, it's all about multiplayer now, which to me is the same no matter what version you're playing, just different maps. That's really what you're paying for, new maps. I miss the days when the campaign was the point of the game, not an afterthought. I feel a bit cheated and don't think I'll be buying further CODs.

  5. i just wish these world war 2 games would be mora than just americans and british beating the evil nazis. soviets appear time to time. But ww2 game from the axis point of view would be refresing

  6. for the first time since i was 11 years old i can gladly say i didn’t get a new cod this year for christmas, not because my dad couldn’t afford it this year but because i asked him not to, you broke a tradition me and my dad had and i dont eveb care, this is the worst cos of all time. i preferred infinite warfare and i sold it within 2 weeks

  7. Be aware this game is ranked only it scales players of similar rank they are doing everything to prevent this game from selling.

  8. so you can play as a russian but you can`t play as brit because of the british empire building lol love how history has got it`s revenge on the game makers.

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