Bright Memory: Infinite Review

Bright Memory: Infinite offers concise and frenetic thrills, but technical issues and that same brevity hold it back.

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  1. I don't think it's a bad game. It's a really good one. At least it has wayy better concepts and new types of FPS mechanisms than COD or BF period. Solid 7 from me and could've been an 8/10 if it was 10 times as big as the current game time.

  2. Terseness


    >>> The characteristic of being terse



    >>> (obsolete) polish, burnished; smooth; fine, neat, spruce

    >>> (of speech or style) brief, concise, to the point

    >>> abruptly or brusquely short

    You're welcome. 🤓

  3. It looks dope but a 2 hour game is totally pointless. Hope a publisher picks it up and puts some money into it to make it a real game, or the dev joins a studio and makes something worthwhile. Even if it was free I’m not bothering with a 2 hour, unpolished game.

  4. Someone gives this studio some money, this looks incredible. Amazing accomplishment to create a title that looks like it could be a AAA title an no one would say a word. Hopefully this title makes some money so this studio can make a full 20-40hr experience, at this level of quality. Impressive

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