Battlefield Portal NO SPECIALIST Mode Gameplay Highlights (1942 and BF3)

Battlefield Portal is a special game mode allowing players to revisit the glory of iconic Battlefield games with a refreshed engine in Battlefield 2042. Portal gives players an opportunity to mix and match as they please mixing different elements from Battlefield 1942, Bad Company 2, and…

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  1. Me: You know the community's been clear in my videos — they want to see some classic gameplay in 2042.
    GameSpot: Alright. Go for it.

    YouTube Comments: Everyone Loved That

    Thanks for the kind words y'all. Glad you enjoyed my gameplay 🙂 We'll get a livestream going soon

  2. Apparently they couldn’t figure out why the community was mad and decided hey “let’s put everything in one game and that should make us money right?”

  3. God, the voices from this game are straight out of an obnoxious cartoon. Please allow us to turn them off, it's so awful. We don't need to know what happens on every single objective, what happens to the friendly tickets, enemy tickets and whether or not we have sector majority. We have these things called eyeballs which allows us to look at the UI.
    "BE ADVISED, Objective Bravo has fallen to the enemy. Our tickets are low, watch out. Their tickets are low GOOD JOB. Objective majority reached. Echo objective has been seized by our forces." All within like 30 seconds. This violates every rule of radio protocol, that officer would lose his job if that's how he communicates.

  4. Should've just done Portal only and added new content to these three remasters. Tbh I wouldn't have minded if they had kept on with BFV for a while longer either. Eastern front would've been killer. Hopefully weapons and equipment from the other fronts of BF1942 get added, plus some weapons from BFV in their "vanilla" getup.

  5. Looks fun…for me this mode is the selling point…how it is optimized the game? 'Cause the Beta was terrible for me…i can run the BF5 with Ultra settings in HD

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