Battlefield 2042 Review

Although some specialists can feel a bit useless at times, tweaks to the formula with Battlefield 2042 add a lot of interesting gameplay variety.

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  1. I would actually say the experience is probably better on console than PC at this moment. Crashing every few hours on PC but when I played the beta on the Xbox it ran fine (I mean as good as it could run on an Xbox one X but still it didn't crash).

  2. Want a really honest review that doesn't kiss corporate behind? Head over to angry joes review of Battlefield 2042………

  3. seeing other reviews describe the same things, this review really seems to be bs and always focusing on a positive view of anything in the game.. sad

  4. Worse Battlefield . I have been playing since BF 2 on PC. Specialists are cheesy and very poorly written and voiced and it feels like a clone war. Their dying animations are unwatchable. No scoreboard – enough said. Firestorm is not back . Uninstalled it and went back to Insurgency Sandstorm.

  5. The game is so good, but so good, that EA now is considering turning it into F2P since almost nobody left playing. Stop laying@reviews

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