Battlefield 2042 Review-In-Progress

Although some specialists can feel a bit useless at times, tweaks to the formula with Battlefield 2042 add a lot of interesting gameplay variety.

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  1. I love this game. Huge maps. Love the map designs. Love Portal. Not a fan of hazard zone, but that’s ok. I like the specialists, but could do without the cheesy one liners after the match. Doesn’t fit the traditional vibe of Battlefield. So much happens during the game. Very cinematic. Well done ??

  2. Hate to break it to you but whether I'm using a sniper rifle or a shotgun is a lot more impactful on my gameplay than whether I can call down ammo or use a wingsuit. By allowing the primary tools of anyone's kit aka EVERYTHING BUT THE GIMMICK ABILITY be totally freeform makes these "specialists" less distinct in how they play than any class in battlefield history. What a mind numbingly idiotic change.

  3. I loved battlefield 1 and 5 was pretty good until they screwed with the guns every second week. This game is terrible. It never hardly gets up close and personal. No heart pumping trying to survive action. Vanguard is better. It’s like Battlefield and COD have completely switched roles.

  4. I know this is a review in progress but as it is now this seems like a puff piece. I wouldn't call BF 2042 a bad game but it is a disappointing installment when compared to the other "modern" BF games. I think there is hope for classic BF fans in the months to come with balance chances and patches but that could be the copium talking. There are things that were omitted from the game that I don't understand, like the absence of a server browser for the core game or the damage dealt text when you get an assist letting you know it counts as a kill. I desperately want this game to be great and for the sake of my fellow fans I hope it gets there soon.

  5. damn this looks bad, just go back to how battlefield 3 and 4 were they were both great, and improve on them. Some things look pretty cool but seeing enemies through the wall is just plain stupid as well as calling in a vehicle whenever you want. I'll get it anyways to get a feel for it but so far I don't think I'll like it.

  6. Gotta love these reviews where they say things like ‘when your team is setting up an infantry front by doing X Y Z, and your squad mate repels up to alleviate the pressure on the rooftop so you can infiltrate the building ‘ always make me laugh.

    None of these things ever happen in the BF series. It’s literally just a bunch of rando’s who aren’t strategically doing anything as a squad. Plus, life and death in these games goes quick. You don’t ‘think’ or strategize during a round, you just run around and that’s that.

    I’ve tried many times to actually take the game seriously with hundreds of different people since BF 1942, and have never come across a single person who can do it for more than 2 minutes. The result is just everyone running around after a long days work/school mindlessly .

    Not complaining, just making an observation of these overly enthusiastic and detailed reviews about things that never happen in BF

  7. How much did they pay to you not to mention any of the bugs, the lags, the level of imbalance of the operators, the exploits that were found during the beta already? And how can you do a review without mentioning the price tag and answering the most obvious question connected to it, which would be whether the game is worth it.

  8. the vehicles dominate and ruin this game. 90% of the time people will camp in vehicles. I also believe specialists will be added as a pay-to-win feature but I guess we will see. I think BF is catching up to the mistakes that CoD made when they started adding specialists to their games as well.

  9. Halo infinite gets all the praise except the progression system, rightly so. Battlefield gets bashed by everyone and y’all give this and halo an 8.. pathetic

  10. You paid shills. Did you even play the game. Absolute sell outs. Why does anyone watch these plebs for reviews? It's just which company pays more

  11. Professional game reviewers: "This is a little buggy, but great! We love literally every decision DICE made and have only minor criticisms for a few things."
    Actual players: 2.2/10
    The absolute state of games journalism. Cherry pick this, homeboy.

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