Battlefield 2042 New Portal Gameplay

Get an all brand new look at Battlefield 2042’s Portal Gameplay in this latest trailer. Create and play Battlefield the way you want to.


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  1. they could bring out other BF games as DLC, BFV, BF1, maybe even BF4. could add some cool Easter eggs to the maps too. even dog tags if you own each DLC's respective BF game

  2. It says you can change the rules but by how much? If you can have custom dogfight matches where everyone is forced into planes that would be the best thing this game has ever done

  3. This is exactly why i say leave Specialists in the game how they are. They're literally giving you the OPTION to play without them, and more, just by playing Portal. This is the next step to further complete community servers. The main game was made to be different. They added portal because some wont want what the main game offers. You're literally getting 2 games in one. You dont have to play the main gamemode to enjoy battlefield. We have Portal. We have Hazard Zone, We have Large Scale. The game is gunna be good in one way, or another, for someone. Enjoy it.
    Some want the specialists, Some dont. Dont change the game if it already has both options.

  4. I just love the idea of the firefight where a player hyperjumps via parachute into an engagement and kills someone who has absolutely zero chance of seeing them. This game is going to be a huge success.

  5. i hope they had normal specialists in the main gain
    like classic
    medic engineer support and recon
    and have them both be the Americans and Russians that would be cool way to get people to play the main game mode
    because if they can do it in portal why not the main game

  6. This is probably the closest thing we would get for bad company 2. If Portal is fully supported, it might save 2042 alone.

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