Battlefield 2042 – Everything To Know

Let’s get you caught up on Battlefield 2042 ahead of release. We’re here with a full overview of features like All-Out Warfare, Portal Mode, Hazard Zone, Specialists, when to play early, post-launch seasons, and more. 

Battlefield 2042 goes into early access on November 12 and fully…

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  1. I think they should being back the revive from a distance perk. Just make it so that you can only revive them from a distance once and if they go down again it won't work.

  2. every noob will aim like a god with such low recoil on every gun, looks like call of duty with battlefield mixed in it. Definitely disappointed

  3. battlefield 2042 and other AAA games kinda piss me off with how they're marketed. imo if you're gonna charge $60 for a game, you shouldn't charge anything else for microtransactions. its just kind of ridiculous. other than typical EA stuff though, this seems like a cool game

  4. I'm kinda getting mad that people aren't demanding better performance more, a triple A multiplayer game that has to be played in 1080p to get upwards of 100fps on their new "main" experience is unaceptable nowadys

  5. this game is call of duty 128 players it LEGITIMATLY FEELS LIKE THE COD MODE FROM MW WHERE THEY TRIED TO BE BATTLFIELD this dumb game somehow went forward into the future yet feels like im playing a game i played three years ago they upped the time setting but decreased the realism.. i swear nothing is destructible now this game as of now is booty not to mention ea robbing players by putting there game in the steam ea play for ten hours but the game isnt evn on steam for EAplay

  6. I don't think people realize that a well put together squad that uses its specialists correctly is way deadlier, diverse and probably fun then the old style.

  7. Its absolutely a JUNK Game is a total disaster and getting my refund since it not due for release until November 19th. Everyone can pay to become an EA software tester if you can even get on the game half the time. Good luck playing this crap. I'm not a software tester for EA, you can be.

  8. As soon as I spoke up they censored me in chat. So I can't even talk to my squad. I haven't preordered a game in over a year till this one…Never again. Pure shit.

  9. I get that they are trying to keep up but honestly this doesn’t feel like battlefield anymore I did not get that excited felt like I was playing cod and I hope this is not the direction that they are going forward with and this just an experiment type of game

  10. Is there a tip or trick to get a scoreboard, unlock classes that we had in every battlefield prior, a voice chat feature of any kind, turn on ui info such as damage done, squad switching, a server browser for the main modes or official servers, stats page, squad switching, team switching, a decent fps, turning off horrid bullet physics?

  11. Nice coverage, GameSpot. Sadly, to me, it's disappointing that it's mp-only. I've been there-enjoyed that, in long-ago iterations of BF but with no campaign/training sandbox/"SpecOps" missions and the like, that preferred type of FUN is entirely gone. I want the BF experience but not simply as "livestock" for the lifers. I will not be spending my time or money on this one. Good luck to the newbs and other "meat" out there.

  12. Battlefield V is superior to this game after 50 hours playing it . Its hostile to infantry and basicly ur just fodder for all the vehicles. loved the way i can change apperance in BF V .Here ur stuck with a look for each specialist. IMHO let me customize my character how I want it be. Being locked to a single specialist its just frustrating. I wanna look awsome ,choose my traits no matter the character. And jesus, nerf the darn helicopters. overall very dissapointed. And the maps , on foot its just running running running waaay to far to each cap zone , pop.stop ur sniped or killed by a vehicle.

  13. Complete bull shittery, they’ve literally taken everything great about BF3&4 – removed it and replaced it with gimmicks and bull shit. I’m out on the BF franchise now and completely gutted.

  14. What nations do you get to play as in battlefield 2042? As in like, when you actually play the game you can obviously play as the Americans and Russians but who else?

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