27 Minutes Of Elden Ring Network Test PS5 Gameplay (4K)

Here is 27 Minutes of Elden Ring gameplay in 4K running on the PlayStation 5. This is gameplay from the Elden Ring closed network test that is starting for those invited on November 12th. Get a glimpse of various exploration, wild life, combat, some boss fights and more.

Intro -…

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  1. I'm so happy to see that this game is basically an improved and open-world version of DS3. I don't understand why so many people are disappointed by that, it's exactly what a lot of Dark Souls players wanted. I'm so excited too see how different types of builds play out in the real game.

  2. still lookin nothin infront of bloodborne… its a game made in heaven.. just revisited it through some videos.. it's environment, weapons, background music, enemies' verbal hatred towards you, it's theme.. all goes so well together!

  3. Looks very PS4 to me…not on par with the amazing Ghost of Tsushima (even though it started development in 2017). The music is weak and isn’t dynamic. The lighting is dull and unatmospheric. There are drops in fps and the fighting is sluggish and has no natural flow.

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