19 Minutes of Elden Ring Gameplay Preview

Elden Ring unveils 19 minutes of gameplay showing various slices of gameplay. First off it shows a fight against a large dragon in an open field, Later on we learn more about the various Elden Ring weapons, and fighting mechanics. They showcase the spirit summoning in Elden Ring, and also co-op…

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  1. I wonder if it's going to relate to the souls series in any way… lots of those knights defeinitely look a little like Gael… hmmm..

  2. I saw a video pop up on my feed titled, "Why people are upset with Elden Ring." I didn't watch it. Instead, I came to look up the gameplay trailer. There's nothing to be upset about. This game is going to be fully supported, and we WILL see update patches throughout that'll smooth out any rough edges this baby has. Peeps need to chill, because this ain't gonna be no Fallout 76 or Cyberpunk 2077.

  3. This looks awesome but I’m kind of sad that you can’t climb up the rocks and mountains like on Breath of the Wild. Traversing in this way and feeling and taking in the land beneath your feet is fun.

  4. There is no gameplay to unveil here, its another dark souls with a different game. This company only knows how to make 1 game and reskins it.

  5. Miyazaki is a genius, he literally just reskins his games and sells them as new. Just a ton of reused ideas with the only new things being childish anime vibes at times. Same locations, same NPCs, nothing new here except the ever increasing laziness. They literally have to use godmode to show game play and added flying horses and no fall damage rather than actually build a decent world. Cash grab.

  6. This game sounds cool, the world is cool… but the gameplay looks outdated, kinda lame IMO definitely a wait for it to go on sale and maybe if nothing else is available pick it up

  7. Wow people really are complaining that Bluepoint has outdone From when they really only improved graphics. From created the game for scratch, Bluepoint just added better graphics, no comparison needed.

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