19 Best Survival Games You Should Play Right Now

Through the years, the survival game genre has expanded and adapted to fit different styles like action to horror. From Minecraft to Dying Light, these are 19 of the best survival games you can play right now.

Time Stamps:
00:15 – Dying Light
00:52 – Minecraft
01:27 – No Man’s Sky
02:12 -…

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  1. Subnautica is my all time favourite game, the lore is AMAZING, basically a Halo level storyline, in my opinion the best survival game of all, don't care what you say bout' Minecraft

  2. tried getting minecraft back. no go kept saying installation stopped on xbox one. dying light is good for roleplayers and doom slayers. no mans sky is okay.

  3. Despite its issues (haven't played in a while it could have changed a lot) I'm glad to see starbound on this list. I was really into it back in 2015/16

  4. I was never a fan of survival games when they first came out. I played The Forest, DayZ, Project Zomboid, and several others, but never understood the appeal. Then came games like Rust, which took all the best parts of survival games, but it has such a toxic and racist community on official servers. I recently started playing solely on PvE servers that have PvP zones, friendlier communities, easier experience for us blue-collar folks who only have 30 min a day or 1hr every few days to play. I now see the appeal. They're so addicting and you can really lose yourself in them. The direction these games are going in is so insane along with the depth. Cannot wait for what 2022 is going to bring us.

  5. I cant believe project zomboid wasnt mentioned here ๐Ÿ™ its a zombie survival game that has a lot of content and is a lot of fun to play i would totally recommend checking the game

  6. Subnautica, No Man's Sky, and Minecraft are all favorites of mine but I'm surprised that they didn't mention 7 Days to Die.

    It's been around for years gradually getting better and better. The most recent updates have made it even better and the modding community is freaking amazing. Tons of content and overhaul mods to keep the game fresh no matter how many hours you have in the game.

  7. I know another survival game, according to this video. Ever heard of Grand Theft Auto 5? You need to survive in Los Santos. Watch your health and eat snacks to restore it and survive

    used same logic as in this video

  8. I would play any of this games, except Minecraft. You know why, well that's because Minecraft has an incredible focus on building and creativity than having interesting survival mechanics and inmersion.

    You can't craft a backpack for extra slots, you can't climb because you don't have a tool to craft to climb like a climbing peak but instead you use the blocks which doesn't looks natural but more artificial for a "survival game" with almost zero survival inmersion.

    The world doesn't reward player curiosity since the interesting places you want to investigate are really cheap made buildings with two or more chests and one mob spawn point. Btw did i forgot that there's just a hunger bar, but no water bar?

    In conclusion Minecraft has zero ambition towards survival in any way and let's the game depend on players doing mods for doing actual changes that makes the player enjoy the game much more than its vanilla version. Which is sad…

  9. no no no – this video looks like for big R peoples – soon i see Minecraft – i'm out from here ๐Ÿ˜€ jess devolution generation!!!

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