14 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

If you’re picking up Pokémon’s latest adventures, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, here are 14 essential tips to help you become the very best like no one ever was

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are remakes of the Gen-4 Pokemon games, with some modern quality-of-life tweaks and…

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  1. Hey y'all Chris Callahan in the comments pointed out a correction! Dusk Balls only give a bonus of 3 times, and that bonus will apply if you're either in a cave or outside at night — they don't stack together! Thanks for watching, and for those of you excited for the game, let me know which version of BDSP you'll be playing! (Also anyone excited for Pokemon Legends: Arceus???)

  2. Knew most of this stuff but still awesome video played pokémon up till about gen 3 on my Gameboy advanced what seems like a lifetime ago recently got me a switch oled cause I got tired of waiting for the ps5 or xsx to be available for me at msrp. I've owned the switch for about a week and and got 71 hours in brilliant diamond and got shiny pearl as well for another playthrough and to be able to trade with my gfs switch v1.

  3. Does anyone else ever wish that they just made a remaster of blue and red? Like 3D and more badass but all the same little tricks and storyline and everything

  4. My starter tradition has always been Fire types. And he is RIGHT about Chimchar. Just make sure he is evolved before you hit the rock type gym. Monferno also being a Fighting type is beneficial against Roarke's rock types

  5. Ignor this is for me to remember
    Jirachi has the old couple with mew
    Amity square you can get your Pokémon to walk with you
    The grand underground is in Eterna city and speak to the old guy next to the Pokémon center

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