13 Tips To Make You A Better Spartan In Halo Infinite's Multiplayer

Whether you’re new to Halo or a returning veteran, there’s plenty to learn in Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer.

00:00 – Intro
00:35 – Enroll In The Academy
01:48 – Keep An Eye Out For Weapon Racks
02:41 – Use The Right Grenade For The Job
04:13 – Seek Out And Use Equipment
05:39 – Rely On Your AI…

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  1. Dont be so quick to mute players. Social behaviour and teamwork is encouraged. It's how I made a lot of friends in the Halo 2 days. Just be kind and courteous and have fun.

  2. Thank you I am so glad you are telling people to throw grenades at the start of a fight. So I can just sit back and watch them throw nades while I BR them in the head.

  3. I have about 40 hours into Halo Infinite already, and yet there are a few tips and tricks in here that I think will be REALLY useful. One more I think you should cover in the next one: The Repulsor Equipment can be used to jump or launch yourself quite far!

  4. Some more tips that can take effect immediately:

    • High sensitivity does not equal good, speed does not equal precision, even if you're good. Do what works best for you, but if you think you need a high sensitivity to be better you're a tad mistaken. I recommend playing on 3.5 and setting your vertical to 1.4 and your horizontal to 1.3

    • We all love high FOV, but it makes it much harder to aim, go into training mode, focus on an object, now go into your settings and go from maximum FOV to the minimum…there's a major difference. The best FOV I find personally to increase my peripheral and still maintain better aiming is 90-95, but again adjust it to your own gameplay. 120 FOV will make it harder to hit any target even if it feels the best to play on

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