UNCHARTED Official Trailer (2022) Featuring Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, Sophia Ali

Check out the official trailer for the Uncharted movie featuring Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, and Sophia Ali. Uncharted the movie is based off the hit game series native to Playstation Consoles, Uncharted which starred protagonist Nathan Drake, a professional treasure hunter.

Uncharted, directed…

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  1. They could have just made this movie and not have it be Uncharted. It probably would have even made more money that way. Tying it to a video game and then making all of the characters barely recognizable is just a bad move

  2. I don't understand how anyone is complaining about ages here. Tom Holland is 25 years old.

    Nathan Drake was 31 in the first game.

    This is clearly set before the Uncharted Games as a prequel.

    I love Nathan Fillion also but that man is 50. He has 20 years on Drake. If 5 years is to young then 50 is to old.

  3. Idk I’m gonna pass. The casting is weird. Mark does a decent enough job as an actor, but sometimes he seems like he’s reading cards behind the camera lol and everyone’s right, Tom does not look like he should Nathan. Just looks all wrong.

  4. Good actors but bad casting. If they actually did Nathan Fillian as Nathan and Bruce Campbell as Sully, that would have been the best representation of good actors and good casting

  5. The personality of Drake is so watered down and on top of that, thats not how he met Sully.

    You’d think for something approved by Sony they’d want it to be as close to the games as possible. If you take the Uncharted name off of it, I can see it being a fun action/adventure movie.

  6. The effects scenes look more like a videogame than the actual videogames do lol. Will action/adventure movies ever again attempt to look even slightly realistic?

  7. love tom Holland but I grew up on the uncharted games and I just cant ever picture him fitting the personality of drake its not him. Wahlberg is also to bada$$ and cool to play the side character sully. neither personality seems to fit the actors to well.

  8. The story is a prequel to the games, starring Holland as a younger Drake, showing us details of how he came to meet and befriend Sully.

  9. Casting people: "How do we appeal to today's younger generation, and the people who played the game when it first came out?"
    Answer: Hire a modern "heartthrob," and a(n) old school one.

    Marketing hired these two actors. Not to be loyal or accurate to the game, not to appeal to the game's fan base… WHAT WILL MAKE MONEY. That's it. It's not a mystery. Doubtful most of these people even played the series.

  10. Tom is great but i would have liked to see an older actor/ older looking actor in the role maybe Dylan o' Bryan. I'm sure Tom will knock it out the park, dude is talented.

  11. Casting Director was like:

    "Alright Tom – you're going to play the lead role of Peter Parker."

    "And Mark – you're cast as yourself"

    Now I really want to feel the Marky Mark in every scene.

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