Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Official Sora Reveal Trailer + Gameplay

Check out the official full trailer reveal for the last Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character, Sora! Sora comes from Kingdom Hearts and is the last DLC character to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate universe. This trailer features both the cinematic reveal as well as a couple small shots of gameplay…

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  1. Nintendo couldn't get the rights to the original stained glass portraits why didn't Nintendo used their own princesses and heroine for their stained glass art? Missed opportunity!

  2. The one thing I’d change about this trailer is that. It’d cut to that scene at the end of kingdom hearts 2 where he began his journey to dream drop distance. But instead of hiding the letter it’s revealed to be a letter by Mario for the invitation to smash bros.

  3. Even if he wasn't put in Smash, Sora would still remain a popular and amazing character. He doesn't need to be in a crossover series to be cool, the same for Waluigi, Geno, and Dixie Kong.

  4. I can't emphasize enough how much KH1 means to me. Choosing that version of Sora blew me away. I see ALL the love going to KH2, KH3, and BBS. KH1 does not get enough love.

  5. I wish Warner Bros. Interactive could let Scorpion & Sub-Zero to be DLC Fighters for the Super Smash Bros. series (Like Scorpion could been an DLC Fighter for the sixth installment of the Super Smash Bros. series + Sub-Zero could been an DLC Fighter for the seventh installment of the Super Smash Bros. series)

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