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Saints Row Reboot Hands-On Impressions – GI Show Spotlight

On last week’s episode of The Game Informer Show, the crew shared their hands-on impressions after playing the Saints Row reboot for a few days. We’re publishing this GI Show Spotlight in case you missed the original conversation on our weekly…

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  1. Honestly, another let down….
    Look how stagnant the map looks. Trees don't move in the wind. Sky box is doing nothing for the lighting. Distance streets are barren- no cars or anything in the distance.
    In terms of features, how many players in multiplayer?
    How many players in co-op?
    What changes have been made to the engine since saints row 3?
    Why did it take 7:41 seconds for the diverse included host to make a comment?

  2. Still gonna wait for a review.

    I love Saints Row (yes, especially the 4th one) but the problem I have with SR (especially with 3-4) is the mini-games. Everything revolved around the mini-games. If there's sidequests, I do hope that its something like GTAV/RDR's Stranger Missions rather than a series of minigames disguised as sidequests.

  3. As long as its closer to Saints Row The Third and IV, im sure the silent majority of real gamers and game enthusiasts who objectively know Saints Row The Third is the best (tied with IV) will be satisfied (not the shovelware sr 2 apologist memers that defend the first two gta / san andreas bargain bin clone shovelwares). Hopefully the game doesn't go back to gta malarkey clones like Saints Row 2/1 and other gta lites. If it goes too far back in the 'muh grounded' gta clone territory like the first two and doesn't do well, they will only have those memers to blame. Imagine defending a poor gta clone from 2008 in 2021. Sad.

  4. Show 10 minutts of the fucking gameplay !!! Nobody cares about trailer they just show the best things …like jesus Christ , the game has been revealed why dont show gameplay…

  5. I’ve been saying since the trailer that this will be a good game. And I got so much hate for it. Have some faith. These guys made some good SR games. They can do it again. Faith.

  6. 10:14 – "I know there's a lot of worries out there for people who feel like this is a step back for Saints Row for how crazy and outlandish 3 & 4 got"
    I like how right after he said that, he talks as if he's going to address those worries, but goes on a tangent about something completely different because it absolutely IS a step back in scale.
    That said – That's *really* not the kind of step back people are worried about. If anything, pretty much everyone agrees that for a reboot to work, it NEEDS to be on a smaller scale. It's not like you could get much bigger than 4 anyway.

  7. Ah, they really are taking the Saints Row series back to its roots… as a GTA clone. Except this time they added some Fortnite lookalike to the mix.

  8. I'd bet that the lady in pink never played a Saints row game, talking about Saints Row 1 multiplayer and never gave any real details other then you "do stuff".

  9. Personally I don't like the health bars and that weird shunt mechanic for ramming cars I just want to be able to steer my car and ram them myself other than that I'm looking forward to it

  10. I'm still not convinced, it just looks like Saints Row 3 with a slap of paint over the top.
    The driving physics look horrible from both the leak and previous footage.
    From this interview it sounded like the humour won't be anywhere near what we've previously had and the "over the top space travel" is still in?! Seriously that's what killed the series, it just become too much and sucked the joy out of it all. Saints row 2 was my favourite and I know people love Saints row 4 so there will always be that divide

  11. 4 was the best, we don't need a copycat gta game. Saint row is much better when it just does its own thing and is way over the top. 4 had a killer soundtrack, amazing humor and very fun gameplay with the powers and flying around the city. Mini games were also quite fun

  12. Overall your footage for Saints Row Reboot was not great. Maybe as you are not allowed to show any mission dialogue/cut scenes to give the action any context. when you see preview stuff for Watchdogs or Far Cry or GTA you see some of the characters and story to make you interested in the world and story and experience. They show you something that is unique and interesting to that game. You get to have a sense of what the game is going to feel like. The reboot cinematic preview made people worried about the story if it is about student flat mates trying to pay off their student loan. And if all the gangs hate eachother why would different junior gang members live together? Why would a wannabe celebrity chef want to also run around killing people? Your coverage did not help re-assure people that this reboot game is a grounded crime / gang / simulator / story. You only talk about the action being fun. Shooting and driving are not unique, so by showing all these action elements with absolutely no context at all we could be looking at any game. So the coverage just looks generic with no personality. This is not the best way to promote a new game that is being released in a very busy release window.

  13. This part of the game Saints row is also interesting, but why the main character of the game is a stupid black woman !? And why is there no customization feature in the game?????

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