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Saints Row | Exclusive Coverage Trailer

The Saints are back! The upcoming Saints Row reboot graces the cover of Game Informer this month.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll give you an exclusive glimpse into the world of Santo Ileso, including never-before-seen gameplay, a look at the…

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  1. The fact that they felt the need to rename Rim Jobs and Freckle B's to less offensive names,
    shows all you need to know about this reboot. Volition has gone soft and politically correct,
    and those ''qualities'' dont mix with Saints Row.

    I bet that their promise of reboot having the most in-depth character creator is a lie aswell,
    because no way in hell with their new direction they'll allow you to have something like SR3's breast/genital slider or allowing curvy female body types of SR2.

  2. The desert outskirts, neon lights and overall visuals look like they’re trying to put cyberpunk cyberpunk 2077. Not saying that’s a bad thing nor good thing, just an observation.

  3. Pros:

    1. The characters have potential (but it is very little).
    2. The gameplay looks nice.
    3. The features such as customization and business stuff seem interesting.


    1. The characters and story information seem really goddamn stupid. The whole student loan thing is stupid. The whole fitting into your community by becoming criminals is stupid. Nena is generic. Eli is dumb. And Kevin is whatever (but the one that seems to have the most potential).
    2. The way the developers are acting online to the criticism. They are willingly attacking people that are fans of the older games. It seems they are even allowing people to attack those fans on their website.
    3. All of the censorship and pandering in this game is going to turn a lot of people away. Getting rid of things like Rim Jobs and Freckle Bitches. Saying they want to appeal to modern day society (literally means pushing woke SJW agendas). No one likes any of this.

    This game is going to be a marketing disaster in the long run. I feel it will turn out like Battlefield 5.

  4. The game looks good and I hear alot of people complaining about it. At least we are getting a new Saints Row instead a recycled GTA V that everyone keeps purchasing over and over again.

  5. I can't wait to cop this game, I'm definitely putting it on my number 1 spot next to Saints Row 2 and just so ya know I'm not an OG fan nor am I new school fan, I'm just a fan of the series as a whole. 😍

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