Resident Evil 4 VR Review

Capcom’s survival horror classic shines on Oculus Quest 2, making it a must play version for fans that can.

Capcom and Armature Studios’ Resident Evil 4 VR is now available on Oculus Quest 2. You can read the full written Resident Evil 4 VR review by Kurt Indovina on GameSpot:…

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  1. This is actually my first time playing resident evil 4 and it’s so much fun I never really gave it any thought because I grew up playing resident evil 5 with my brother then recently got back into the series when re 8 came out and played re 7 and 8

  2. to bad i wasent alive to see the oringal version on gamecube but i can tell u im 13 and i like this game it reminds me of village alot and its good im addicted ill give it 10/10

  3. "Duel Wielding a Shotgun and a submachine gun"

    LMAO he literally some of the only few weapons you actually CAN'T duel wield in the game

  4. I so want to play this game, loved it so much when it originally came out, to play this in VR would be a dream, I can only hope it comes to other platforms since I have an HTC Vive and no plans to get the Oculus Quest 2.

  5. I don't understand why the people use the tank controls as criticism of the game. For me, it was something that made the game so unique and memorable. You have to use all your movement very wisely, almost like ammo. It adds another almost puzzle like element to the game. It can be frustrating at first but once it clicks it's awesome and adds to the horror of the setting. It would just be another slasher without it.

  6. I've played about an hour of this game. I recommend using the joy stick to control your character. Using teleportation takes you out of the experience and makes it too easy since you can just go far away from the bad guys.

  7. I didn't know I was going to take out a thesaurus for this review , just get to the point when you say something, just prolonging this review and extending it , one just a few topics , like we wanna know how fast this thing kills the battery or is it lock 60 fps with a link cable or without, I geuss it's just me I always walk away gamespot and IGN with for questions then answers

  8. Bro he picked the pearl necklace out of the dirty water??? Huh??? I thought he said this was a game he's played time and time again wtf is going on here.

  9. I'd love to buy this game if it wasn't a Quest 2 exclusive. I have a Rift S – I should be able to play it, but Oculus has gone down the shitter since Facebook took over.

  10. This game looks genuinely better than both RE7 + 8, for some reason i just could not get stuck into those games, – they don't feel like RE to me.
    This game is a genius conversion but it actually appears to be a much better game than both RE7 + RE8.
    What does everyone else think ???

  11. This is the smoothest and best playing game on the quest 2. The graphics are quite clear as well, it makes me wonder what they could really do with the hardware if they #1: let go of the quest 1 and #2: got bigger developers to work on the games.

  12. He’s using comfort settings and complaining about the clunky controls in an action horror game. Buddy this game is like Doom if you put the big boy camera and movement controls on.

  13. Genuine question: By most accounts, the Quest 2 is way more powerful than say the Gamecube in pretty much every spec, so why does the Quest 2 version of RE4 VR not even have proper shadows for the characters for example? I would assume it could run a Gamecube graphics-level game with ease, and without anything having to be reduced graphically. And, with all this newfound talk of porting classic AAA games from the likes of the GC/PS2/Xbox era to Quest 2, I really would like to see those ports hitting at least the graphics level.

  14. After the successful Resident Evil 4 launch on Quest 2 its logical if they port remaster the Umbrella Chronicles and Dark Chronicles rail gun games from PS3 and who knows maybe RE7 and Village. Also even other light rail gun games like Time Crisis, House of the Dead, Carnevil, Jurassic Park, Alien, Point Blank, and others.

  15. Reviews a VR game without being comfortable enough in VR to not use teleport. That's like GameSpot posting a review of Mario from my mom. "There are so many buttons on the controller, who could understand it. I figured out how to jump and run. But I kept dying. Not a fun game."

  16. I had decided I would never buy this game again after buying and beating it twice on Xbox one but with the Oculus return policy I figured WTH and I’m glad I did I freaking love it I’m having so much fun it’s like I’m playing for the first time AGAIN

  17. God i freaking hate teleport movement in games. There's no excuse for locking us into teleport mode devs, at least give us a freaking option for free movement.

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