Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl | Team Galactic Trailer

Check out the Team Galactic Trailer for the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl games which are remastered versions of fan favorites Pokemon Diamond & Pearl. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl launches on November 19th, 2021.

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  1. After seeing the battle sprites of the characters it makes me wonder why they are so keen on using Chibi versions of the characters in the world.

  2. This looks so lame , first remake on switch and it just in concept doesnt look much dif than any effort before. Its sharper but thats like the 3d with better antialiasing that sword and shield but DP

  3. I think there’s a reason why everyone asked for a remake not a remaster. I’m happy that everyone else likes this game but I just can’t bare to see that it’s literally just the same game but with better graphics, sound capabilities and UI. I’m just asking myself why? If I wanted to play DP&P I would play it on my DS. You could’ve put atleast the slightest effort into this game and added something more. Nice going.

  4. Since I was a young boy playing Pokemon, one of my wish was an option to select game difficulty (easy, normal, hard)…maybe one day it may come through.

  5. Glad the youth can experience what was nostalgic to us, other than that though, this is so disappointing. When the switch was first announced my mind just had something completely different in mind. But this for 90 bucks (canadian)…holy fuck it's embarassing to even have thought this company could progress further 10 years ago.

  6. The thing is, this game looks like it’s just the original game. I wanted something more like the FF7 remake, take the iconic story, and completely expanding it.

    I’m still pre-ordering tho.

  7. Okay seriously why do the graphics on this Nintendo switch game look so bad? The switch is more than capable of running good looking games because on the system because botw and monster Hunter rises looks so good on it. The system is underpowered but it can still run good looking games. The 3ds games looks better than this honestly. Game freak and what other company making this and the arceus game do not have any excuses why the games they are putting out look like beta versions. I’d expect more from the biggest franchise in the world

  8. I just had a curious thought about this game, when it comes out you think it may go by the Diamond and Pearl story or the Platinum story? Cause I mean we kinda know what happens to Cyrus currently in the game, in Diamond and Pearl nothing happens to him we just foil his plans and he just leaves. Now Platinum on the other hand shows us Giratina and what it does to Cyrus.

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