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Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl | New Gameplay Today

Pokémon fans rejoice! Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are just around the corner and today we’re giving you a quick look at some new gameplay from the hotly anticipated new remake from developer Ilca and Game Freak!

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  1. I really really hope they add pokemon from newer gens, at least in the postgame or something like that. I love how faithful it is in terms of features but I'd really love to play with other mons at some point

  2. Do you able to get updated moves like Power Up Punch at the game? I want to give to my Lucario, also does anyone know hot to get a dusk stone. I want to have a Honchkrow, instead of a Staraptor at the new game. Once the game is released.

  3. Why is no one bringing up the Onix animation? They had it perfect in Let's Go and SwSh. What's with the idle animation + slide effect? =_=

  4. I really hope they do a remake of Platinum.
    It would also be kind of cool if they let your Pokemon rest on your shoulder as you're running in the wild, if it's a small size one such as Pikachu or something.

  5. Oh thank God it's not a Let's Go game. LG Pikachu and LG Eevee are fun and all but they are laughably easy (yeah i know it's a kid's game) plus the whole level up via catching gets boring after a while.

  6. what pokemon really needs is a game in the old gameboy advance style to appeal more to the older pokemon fanbase. The game doesnt need to look very slick and nicely animated, it needs to be as fun as it used to

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