PlayStation State of Play | October 27, 2021 Livestream

Tune in for the Sony PlayStation State of Play on Wednesday, October 27 at 2pm PT. This State of Play will focus on announcements and updates for third-party PS4 and PS5 games.

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  1. When the most exciting game in your showcase is a Fnaf game, thats when you know you should just stop with the showcases till you actually have something to show.

  2. They probably should have just saved these games for a different, bigger showcase.

    Even if they get overshadowed by big stuff, at least they’ll be more likely remembered if you pair it next to something cool. But a showcase of real small stuff like this is just a disappointment to most people. But hey, remember what Kratos says lol. Expectations and all that

  3. Little devil inside was the only game that showcased next generation graphics. This line up of games like they belong on Nintendo. I think I'll pass on a ps5. Xbox library looks more interesting.

  4. What a absolutely shit pile of games.
    Cartriders omg it's fake Mario Cart.
    I don't even own a Switch but come on this is so unoriginal.

  5. Little devil inside could be a below the radar huge success. If its given care it could be a game of the year contender. Remember breath of the wilde came out nowhere

  6. If that's an indication of what's to come, why even bother purchasing a PS5. The future is bleak at best. I'll stick with my PS4 Pro thanks!

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