Overwatch 2 Play Test PvP Pro Gameplay

Get a glimpse of an early version of Overwatch 2 play tests on New York, Dorado, and Havana. Watch the new 5v5 PvP action with Overwatch Pro League Players from the San Francisco Shock and Dallas Fuel. You’ll get to see gameplay with reworks for the heroes including Sombra, Winston, and more….

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  1. I love how sad they sound when they specifically talk about "Overwatch 2" then how excited they get when they notice slight changes from 1…

  2. Sad to say Overwatch was the game that put me off of gaming. With all the nonsense Blizzard caused for no reason it seemed I jus got fed up with being fed up and disappeared from gaming for a year and when I came back to it all; I just didn't care. I really hope this game does well but I won't be holding my breath. At the very least I'll check out streamers.

  3. it uh, it looks like overwatch 1

    they mentioned more verticality at some point, pointing to some stairs? as if overwatch 1 didn't have that verticality?

    this franchise has gone downhill so hard, I'm glad I stopped playing a long time ago

  4. U know, its kinda sad that the only reason i found this was because i searched up the game to see if it fame out yet cuz i came across the old hero cinematic videos they have and remembered this game. How disappointing

  5. They could've just added this stuff to the regular game, right? It doesn't look like the graphics, or gameplay changed much compared to something like team fortress where basically everything changed in the second game.

  6. Wouldn't 1 tank kind of defeat the purpose of tanks like roadhog or dva, making it so only tanks like orisa or rein being played due to the shield and tankiness
    Just a thought
    But I always thought the point was to have a support tank and a damage tank
    Guess that's not the case anymore sadly, can't have my hook n charge tactics with friends anymore

  7. the screen indicators on the outside of your vision are way more intrusive and uglier compared to what we already have in OW1. I hope they don't stick with the giant purple and green eyeball and hard red frames when being damaged. The red ticks near the reticule were more than enough to let us know where and when we were being attacked. The new UI is terrible. A lot of the changes just make it seems more generic and less intuitive.

  8. So are you guys going to get rid of Critical Hit anytime soon? They already have a working aimbot for OW2 which is pre-purchasable.

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